Large Scale ACW rules Sunday, Feb 1 2009 

Something I have been playing around with.  The idea is that the player is the General of the Army, so does not micromanage the actual combats. 

Its a bit rough. I am looking for opinions

1 unit-1 division


Sample Order of Battle


Counters for WW2 wargame- 11th Armoured Division Sunday, Feb 1 2009 

 Following file is bases/counters for use with Spearhead.  They will also work with BKC and the old TableTop Games ‘Korps Commander (Road to Berlin)’.  The number in the Bottom Left is the Strength points for KC. 1 point = 1 vehicle or approx 10 men.  It’s designed so you have something to use while saving up for/painting the figures.  Each counter is 30mm square, as the best balance between the various systems, and for readability